About colored

We are a consultancy commited to helping brands understand the complex cultural landscape of today's consumer.

Our Values

Extreme candor

colored creates a safe space that allows conversations and interactions to be honest and frank. We do this because progress doesn't happen without honesty.

Empathy first

colored helps organizations navigate cultural issues by putting people at the center. We strive to put a human face to every issue, including yours.

Everyone is racist

colored helps organizations realize it is not a matter of if a campaign they run will be racist, but when. We do this so we can move forward and do real work.

Meet the Coloreds

Our team is here to help with your most pressing brand and experience issues.

Theresa Stewart

Founder & Director of Black

Theresa founded colored with the belief that all it takes to avoid culturally insensitive media is to put a person of color in power and actually take their advice. Enthusiastic, driven and creative, Theresa is always working toward improving experiences. Having been called an oreo since she was a teen into her early 20s, Theresa has relished in being able to code switch. While she is capable of being approachable to white people, she is also keenly aware of the issues facing Black Americans today, especially as she experiences these issues and oppression daily. Theresa hasn't been formally trained in blackness, but has picked up on it over the past 28 years. She is formally trained in design, having studied at the University of Cincinnati.

Elaine Lopez

Designer & Director of Brown

Elaine is the heart and soul of colored. Raised in Miami, Florida in a predominately Latino community, she has deep knowledge and expertise of the issues and struggles of the Latino community. Being the child of legal Cuban immigrants, Elaine has held onto her characteristic flair, despite her white passing appearance. This light skinned advantage, has allowed her to access to the most intimate of white spaces in a non-threatening way to truly understand how cultural relations happen. Elaine has also worked tirelessly on AIGA Chicago's board as a Diversity and Inclusion Lead, running one of the most successful years. She studied design at the University of Florida and will be getting a master’s degree at the Rhode Island School of Art and Design.

Allison Catuira

Designer & Chief Asian Officer

Chicago-born-and-bred designer Allison joined colored to push our mission forward of helping organizations navigation the rapidly changing cultural times. Always keeping the brand at the heart of her work, she strives to create important and beautiful work. Having long gained traction for being a model minority, Allison prides herself of being perceived as the most approachable woman of color on the spectrum. She is able to clearly articulate issues facing the problematic portrayal of Asians in the media and is well versed in Asian culture, having been raised by legal immigrants from the Philippines. Allison studied at both the School of Visual Arts and Columbia College Chicago.

Sabella Flagg

Principal Designer & Chief Black Officer

Sabella is a tour-de-force. She is a designer, developer, storyteller and all around Black expert. Raised in Chicago, Sabella has experience navigating the cultural landmine that is the Windy City. Having lived in a predominately non-white area before moving to the suburbs in high school, Sabella has a unique perspective and deep education in Black issues, and can bring them up without triggering any feelings of guilt or uncomfortableness. Being in a relationship with a cis white man also gives her an intimate knowledge on how to "wake up" people who are sleeping. Sabella studied design at Drake University and has given countless talks and speeches.